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Our Story

The founding team met at the vibrant MIT, and have been collaborating on exciting projects together ever since. Going beyond their passion for research and education, they saw in P2 an invaluable opportunity to leverage the tools and skills they developed at MIT to solve the most complex of business decisions, across nearly every industry.
P2 stands for “Predictive” and “Prescriptive” analytics, combining our expertise in machine learning and robust optimization. Here at P2 analytics, we believe that the power of data lies in transforming its insights to concrete actions. Through data science, we develop easy-to-use software tools to enhance your firm’s bottom-line and achieve your desired objectives.

The Team

Looking for the ride of your career in ANALYTICS?

Join Our Team

We are building cloud-based machine learning and optimization software tools to solve a wide variety of business decisions. Analytics is at the core of what we do.
We are looking to grow our team and build a community of engineers, developers and data scientists. We love working with data and enjoy developing new technology to solve real-world problems. If this sounds like you, we would love to talk to you.

Data Scientist

Boston - United States

The core of our business is developing creative, cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to solve big problems in new ways. As a data scientist at P2, you will work with the entire P2 team to study a variety of industries’ most complex decisions, strategize how to solve the challenge of making these decisions more optimally, and develop the technology to bring P2’s clients to the forefront of their industries. Details

  1. Clean, reshape, and reformat large datasets
  2. Employ statistical methods and visualization techniques to generate descriptive data insights
  3. Develop proprietary machine learning/predictive algorithms
  4. Participate in the formulation and coding of large scale optimization (linear, nonlinear, integer, adaptive, robust) problems
  1. Degree in Operations Research, Computer Science, Mathematics or a related field
  2. A high level of skill in developing data-driven algorithms in a relevant programming language (e.g., Java, R, Python, C, Matlab)
  3. Experience in developing large scale optimization problems
  4. The desire to work in a close-knit, supportive, team environment

Software Development Engineer

Boston - United States

The core of our business is developing, creative, cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to solve big problems in new ways. As a software engineer at P2, you will be responsible for helping design, develop and implement the user-interfaces for P2’s clients to interact with the tools we build for them. Additionally, you will participate in the team’s client algorithm development discussions. Details

  1. Design, implement and manage cloud-based interfaces connecting clients to complex optimization software
  2. Manage back end database
  3. Participate in the code development of innovative data algorithms
  1. Degree in Computer Science (Master's or PhD preferred)
  2. Full stack development proficiency
  3. Experience in and/or desire to learn development of data science algorithms